Gerry Klodt is a significant contributing author to this book. I wish to thank him for his dedication these past 20 years in developing products that help people and the opportunity to work with such a humble, kind and brilliant person. His insight in is the development of the underlying science of the mind technology that is used in this book and has been applied for helping people identify the natural gifts that they are born with to answer them age old question: Who am I?, job matching, leadership development, shortening the learning curve, tailoring the marketing message, and much more. And now applied for the first time in finding a soul mate and improving an existing romantic relationship.

Gerry grew up on a real working farm in south-east Iowa. He excelled in 4-H and my parents, teachers, and high school classmates, expected him to be a farmer. He was bored going back and forth over the fields with a tractor and taking care of livestock. He was much more interested in how things work and how to improve upon them.

Gerry went off to college not expecting to stay but a year or two. He lacked self-esteem as he was always heavily criticized by his older brothers. Being away at college allowed him to be acknowledged and appreciated by others for who he was. He stayed in college for seven years acquiring an MFA in industrial design and went on to study engineering. Jobs were difficult to obtain in those days but he pieced together a consulting job designing furniture and systems for Herman Miller. He went on to become vice president of research and development for the WT Rogers company designing office products where he designed and engineered the products, molds, packaging simultaneously, and was the liaison between marketing and operations. From there, he consulted to various companies and overseas.

Consulting and being in companies put enormous pressure on Gerry to get along with people. Actually, people were his weak suit and he wanted to know how others were able to develop relationships so easily while he had difficulties. That is when Linda McIsaac, his business partner, and he established Xyte, Inc. in 1999. We have been studying people ever since. We developed a system and an online assessment to identify how people think and process information which predicts human behavior. We found that most people live a lifetime without knowing who they are or what they are innately good at doing. Yes, it took Gerry half of his life just to understand himself. But now, we can offer to others a unique opportunity of knowing themselves, finding meaning and purpose, maximize life satisfaction, as well as understanding others. Of course, this has huge implications on connecting with others and establishing meaningful relationships. Thus, this book on the subject.