Well, I am Megan McIsaac. My mother is Linda, who is the driving force behind this book and her sheer need to help individuals develop their hopes and dreams. As long as I can remember, my Mother has always helped through learning. Early on in her life, she started as a teacher, then a principle, and next a superintendent of Heartland School District in Wisconsin in shaping young people's lives. Her next stage in life was to start her own company, Expct! Where she taught professional people how to use the computer and offered classes to businesses on the software programs that were available at the time. Her current company is Xyte, which she uses to help individuals to better understand themselves as well as to be able to communicate with one another. Her assessment delivers a 15-page report that encourages people to look at their behaviors and patterns in a positive light and gives them the permission to accept themselves and all of their quirks that make them tick. My Mother has offered her time to felons in jails, students in school trying to figure out their path in life, encouraging employees and managers to better understand and communicate to one another, and all of my friends.

Society and cultures dictate, who we should be and attempt to define our roles. One of the hardest things in life is to be oneself! The authentic version of oneself. First, what do we like? What defines us? What are our passions? And then we combine all that knowledge or maybe we haven't even found out who we are and merge with another! Our partner maybe also struggling with who they are! So, we combine two beings, who are struggling to define who they are and then we make them an US or WE! We need to be able to communicate with one another and express ourselves in a clear and concise manor, which maybe the second most difficult thing to do: Communication!

All of us communicate throughout our daily lives. The way we are communicating and how we are expressing ourselves makes sense - To us! How the information we deliver maybe and often is interpreted completely different than what we have intended! I think the majority of the problems occur when the information in the verbal form are interpreted.

By trade, I am a horse trainer. Every day, I communicate with a 1200 lb. beast, who does not speak my language nor do they think the same way I do. My goal at the end of the day as well as in ten years is to have a clear communication and have a ride that is fluid, seamless transitions, well balanced, uphill, and a happy partner, who looks forward to seeing me every day. I hope that the work over years, develops into a beautiful bond and harmonious dance between two asymmetrical creatures! How should this be any different in our personal relationships!

At first, I wondered why my mother was so addiment that I be a part of this project. I have lived through a failed marriage, the love of my life has a family with another woman, and I am online dating to meet new people. But why not? You can learn from my experiences and maybe they will help you. I have wonderful relationships with my horses. We do not speak the same language; however, the level of respect and love is there. When we raise our level of expectations and value ourselves, we need to express our needs and values in a clear concise manner. When we are better able to define ourselves and our passions, then we are able to love ourselves! When we have a clear love for true selves, we can better love and hopefully be able to communicate that to our love ones. If not, I hope that you find this book helpful to better define yourself and to better communicate to your love ones!